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Indian Institute of Metals

           The Indian Institute of Metals represents all professional Metallurgists and Metallurgical Engineers in India and has been in existence for over 50 glorious years. The IIM was officially registered on 25th of March,1947 and was inaugurated on 29th of December,1947. The IIM owes its foundation principally to the pioneering efforts of Dr. D.P. Antia. Dr. Antia first mooted the formation of this institute as early as in 1945 at the panel discussions of the Metal Industries Panel formed by Sir Ardeshi Dalal. At that time, Dr. Antia was the Secretary of this Panel. Eventually, the IIM came into being and gasped its first breath of life at the organizational meeting held on 24th February 1946.

           The two main objectives of the IIM are: promoting and advancing the study and practice of science and technology of metals and alloys and protecting the interests of metallurgists and metallurgical engineers. The main activities are: organizing national and international technical conferences, carrying out special research programmes, bringing out technical and informative publications, coordinating the visits of scientists under collaborative programmes and conducting qualifying examinations for practicing non-metallurgists. Most of the activities are carried out through Honorary services by the constitutionally elected office-bearers. The institute carries out its activities through three divisions, viz., Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Metal Sciences and 52 Chapters across the country. The Institute is recognized and supported by the Government of India through the Ministry of Steel and Mines and is regarded today in the world as one of the premier metallurgical organizations. The Ministry of Steel and Mines and the Institute have also instituted several awards and honors for conferring on metallurgists for their distinctions each year.


History of Mumbai Chapter 

(Incorporating Bombay Metallurgical Society)


           The idea of forming the Bombay Metallurgical Society (BMS) was ushered in at the informal gatherings that used to be held at the residence of Prof. N.P. Gandhi. Though these gatherings started with a few persons, mostly ex-students of Prof. Gandhi, its success was such that soon large number of people from metallurgical industries in and around Bombay started attending them. Thus, in the year 1945, a formal society named "Bombay Metallurgical Society" was established under the chairmanship of the illustrious Prof. Gandhi. The Vice-President was Mr. G.C. Mitter, the then Mint Master of the Bombay Mint, who would later become the fourth president of the Indian Institute of Metals (IIM). The Honorary Secretary was Mr. Y.M. Mehta who would later start the Baroda Chapter of the IIM and also guide the Bombay Chapter as its chairman.

           The main activity of the BMS was to organize technical meetings and evening lectures. The venue of these meetings was initially at the residence of Prof. Gandhi and was later shifted to the BEST Conference Hall at Colaba. For all these activities, the BMS received support mainly from the non-ferrous metal industry, which had a much larger base in Bombay as compared to the Iron, & Steel industry. Soon, Dr. D.P. Antia, who had by then founded the IIM and was its Hon. Secretary, suggested the amalgamation of the BMS with the IIM. This idea was initially not welcomed by the members of the BMS. However, after several meetings and a considerable lapse of time, the BMS relented and was amalgamated in 1957 with the IIM to become its Bombay Chapter. During the amalgamation, the members of BMS asked that the letterhead of the Bombay Chapter should always carry the following words: "Incorporating the Bombay Metallurgical Society", which it proudly does to this day.


Indian Institute of Metals

(Mumbai Chapter)

(Incorporating Bombay Metallurgical Society)

Evening Lecture Series
“Evening Lecture Series”




IIM Mumbai Chapter cordially invites all the members




Evening Lecture Series



26th, 27th and 28th August, 2020; 19:00 hr