Indian Institute of Metals

(Mumbai Chapter)

(Incorporating Bombay Metallurgical Society)

Text Box: Shri.Uttam Jain
“Young Metallurgist of the Year 2018 (IIM)”
Shri Uttam Jain is a lead R&D engineer who is actively associated with the special materials developmental programmes. He has successfully developed an indigenous technology for producing Pb-Li eutectic alloy in a batch size of 20 kg using an innovative fused salt electrolysis.  The developed technology was demonstrated to be simpler in operation, safer and economical compared with existing MHD technology adopted by other countries. He also mastered the art of developing high pure interstitial free vanadium using aluminothermic-reduction process and further developed novel V-Ti-Ta alloys for high temperature structural application in nuclear fusion reactor by establishing its structure-property correlation. He has total 32technical publications in national conference proceedings and international peer reviewed journals and one international patent (filed) on his credit. He supervised more than 10 summer engineering interns from different institutions and has been delivering lectures at training school (BARC). He has been conferred with Homi Bhabha Gold Medal for securing first rank among metallurgy trainees at BARC training school. He was also awarded with DAE’s Group Achievement Award for the year 2016 for his excellent contribution in non-ferrous alloy development. Recently, he is conferred with Young Metallurgist of the Year 2018 award jointly by IIM and Ministry of Steel, Govt. of India for the development of special materials for fusion reactor applications.